2:48 am, sin

When I was 5,
I was taught the opposites,
That are black and white.
When I was 5, 
Those were just the colors of crayons
I used to draw and paint with.

When I was 10,
I got pushed off the swing.
And called a "n*****" by the son of the white King.
When I was 10,
I cried to my mother and she said,
"We might look different but we all still bleed the same color."

When I was 18,
I bought my first beer at a store.
But the owner's hands trembled,
He had anger in his eyes.

Just as I kept my beer down,
An ugly smile replaced his frown.
He pulled out his revolver and 
He closed my eyes forever.

My mother had lied,
His blood was different from mine.
His was safely protected in his pulsing veins,
And my blood lay splattered on the floor.

The men in uniforms threw me roughly,
Without concern, into an ambulance,
But they respectfully asked him, "Why did you do it?"
He replied without a care in the world,
"Officer, the color of his skin was simply a sin." 

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