3:47 am, dream.

last night, i had a dream of pure bliss,
of a last goodbye kiss,
one i never got to give.
how tragic it was,
how beautiful it is,
that little dream of all that we missed.

your eyes shone fiercely in the morning sun.
we lay sleepless, tangled as one.
your fingers run through my auburn locks,
quietly whispering, "how sweet you look, my love."
my eyes flutter shut,
but a soft smile escaped my lips.
all this and more in a dream,
that will never again be seen.

and yet, as my heart aches,
as it agonizingly breaks.
i will make the confession that,
my affection for you will never lessen.

so close your eyes, my darling,
let yourself dream,
of a far-away land, where i will have been.
there you will find a message,
the one that bares my truth.
in sooth, "in a different era,
i would have become yours forever."

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