7:48 pm, my prince

I clutched the bathroom sink,

My head hung low in piercing pain.

I tried to look at my reflection,

But the sight of me made me sick.

Where had that sweet mama’s girl gone?

Why was she now covered in black and blue?

Bruises littered my body,

From my hips to my chest to my cheeks.

And still, more in places I cannot name

My lip was busted and my eyes red.

Red, like the blood that dripped down my leg

For a moment I took a breath.

For a moment I closed my eyes.

And remembered him the way he was,

He was my prince.

But that moment ended.

And here he was again.

The intoxicating smell of cigarettes,

And the half empty bottle in his hand.

Once again he pushed me on his bed,

As I screamed for mercy.

The tears roll down my face like an endless stream.

And I try to remember the prince before this beast,

He was mine and I his “beauty”.

But this time I had enough.

I can’t bear this anymore.

I pick up the knife,

Which he has held against me one too many times.

And I close my eyes for the last time,

I take a moment to remember him the way he was.

And this time the moment lasts.

The world goes dark.

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