goa, day 1

Okay I’m going to skip describing the whole last-minute madness that universally happens before a trip to everyone and if it doesn’t happen to you please send help to my family and I. We’d appreciate it. So instead of starting with that I’m going to start with why this trip is special:

  1. It’s my first time on a plane after like 2 whole years
  2. 11th is over and I can finally take some time to think about…well, stuff

Lastly and most importantly,

3. I finally get to take a trip with my most esteemed confidant, a phenomenal singer (CHECK OUT HER ALBUM ‘4AM’ ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS) and my closest friend Kiara Chettri and her wonderful, amazing family.

Let’s fast forward to us being in the plane where eventually Kiara, Karnav (Kiara’s younger brother) and I sat together. At some point we started dancing to Ba Ba Black Sheep which was being played by the woman behind us for her adorable baby. But we really lost it when the descent began, we could see the land through a thick sheet of fog and started yelling “SEE THE SEA AND THE TINY LITTLE BOATS.” At this point two boys in front of us started judging us but we couldn’t find it in us to give a sh*t.

We’re staying at the cutest apartments in a complex called ‘El Arbol’ in Nerul, North Goa (and yes my friends and I have resorted to calling it Goya). Our parents decided to take us out to a restaurant for a very special occasion…*drumroll* Pratima aunty and Karan uncle’s (Kiara’s parents’) 19th wedding anniversary WOOHOO!!! Their anniversary is on 5th March but we wanted to be out at 12 to bring the occasion in. That’s how we found ourselves at the restaurant, SEA.

We sat outside in a beautiful garden-like set up with the tables arranged to maintain social distancing and a man singing live with his guitar (I’m not going to lie I didn’t like it at first but he grew on me). Close to 12 we organized for Kiara to perform a few songs dedicated to her parents. She started with Shallow and immediately captured the attention of the whole restaurant (that’s my girl!). Pratima aunty cried, my mum cried, I cried, it was fun. The highlight of the night was probably when people from another table sent us a Cosmo to congratulate Kiara’s parents for their anniversary and in admiration of Kiara’s abilities.

By the time the night ended I hit the bed like a log and passed out within seconds.

For now I’m going to end this because if you read my earlier post you’ll know I’m writing this on day 2 which means I’m kind of ignoring the others right now so I’m going to go jump in the sea now. And if I learnt anything from the first day it’s that this trip is going to be chaotic, crazy and 100% memorable.

K, bye.

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