This is in no way or form going to be an intellectual or aesthetically pleasing tab on this blog. So what is Adventure Time? Only one of the greatest cartoons ever. Okay no, but seriously, in this context Adventure Time is going to be a collection of my travels. A series of posts recording every single day and time that I’m on a trip. Which also means that this tab is going to face extreme fluctuations of way too many posts in one go and otherwise completely dead but it is what it is (also I’ve been experiencing an agonizing case of writer’s block and I don’t know how else to keep this blog alive).

Another thing that you should keep in mind if you are going to be reading these posts is that I am very very very bad at posting at an appropriate time. Ergo, if I say ‘Blah Blah Day 1’ I am probably writing and posting it on Day 2 of my trip to Blah Blah. But if someone asks me why I do that I’m going to try and sound smart and say “Oh posting super late gives me time to properly absorb the events of the day and analyze them well enough to string my thoughts into sentences.” So please DO NOT EXPOSE ME OKAY THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVES!!


K, bye.

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