goa, day 4

Guess who’s back with another super late and horribly timed post *cue the peace sign*. Okay yes I know it’s almost 2 am again but hey at least we’re doing two posts in a row. That’s a win.

Somehow my hangover from yesterday has snowballed into my allergies acting up. Now I sound like someone is pinching my nose every time I talk. How do I get rid of this??? Help me. Having said that, though, I did manage to wake up fairly early. Well “early” according to me anyway. That meant we all got ready early and headed out for a leisurely lunch at the Goan restaurant, Vinayak. I want me some more of that kingfish curry and squid raechado mmm! So I think you get the point, it was a good lunch with good people (that of course refers to my family, Kiara and her family and myself).

Moving on! Yesterday I had talked a little bit about Morjim beach and the arrival of a special friend. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, INTRODUCING ONE OF MY NEAREST AND DEAREST, AARUSHI JOSHI!!! I love this girl and her family to pieces. They are honestly some of the sweetest people I know. And the beach was gorgeous. The sand was so soft and waves were gentle, for the most part. We must’ve spent at least 3-4 hours in the water today. We stayed to watch the sun go down. But of course before we left the beach Aarushi, Kiara and I decided we want to do a few things:

  1. Practice (but not film) tiktok/reel dances
  2. Try to build a sandcastle. It didn’t work so we made boobs.
  3. Play kabaddi with the waves. We won every round. We should definitely go pro.

By the time we reached the apartment again it was close to 8 pm I think. We all quickly took a bath and got dressed to go to House of Lloyds. Another place with great food. Not Goan food but still delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed the beef steak, pork chops and ended with a classic, brownie and ice cream. I didn’t drink tonight though. I think I got kind of scared. But honestly, can you blame me? Kiara sung a few songs and I borderline lost my voice while cheering but no regrets.

We wrapped up quite early tonight. I think 72 straight hours of partying after a year of Corona is taking a toll on us. On me, anyway. EVERYTHING. HURTS. But I think we’ll have a remedy for my pain tomorrow. You’ll have to stick around to find out what that remedy is.

Tomorrow my mum and masi start work so that means I’ll be hanging out with the Chettris in the day time. My folks will join us for dinner. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s all you get about my life for today but fear not tomorrow is yet to come…

K, bye.

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