2:48 am, sin

When I was 5, I was taught the opposites, That are black and white. When I was 5, Those were just the colors of crayons I used to draw and paint with. When I was 10, I got pushed off the swing. And called a “n*****” by the son of the white King. When I … Continue reading 2:48 am, sin

3:47 am, dream.

last night, i had a dream of pure bliss, of a last goodbye kiss, one i never got to give. how tragic it was, how beautiful it is, that little dream of all that we missed. your eyes shone fiercely in the morning sun. we lay sleepless, tangled as one. your fingers run through my … Continue reading 3:47 am, dream.

7:48 pm, my prince

I clutched the bathroom sink, My head hung low in piercing pain. I tried to look at my reflection, But the sight of me made me sick. Where had that sweet mama’s girl gone? Why was she now covered in black and blue? Bruises littered my body, From my hips to my chest to my … Continue reading 7:48 pm, my prince

10:16 pm, let me out

I feel trapped in my own mind. I want to say, “I’m sad” I’m restless and mad I want to cry And scream and shout on the top of voice. I just want to let the agony out I don’ t want it in me I don’t want it suffocating me With its death grip … Continue reading 10:16 pm, let me out